Sawing simulation software TimberVision is developing a new generation software for sawmill industry and others to achieve the best possible financial results. Lead for a simple decision making software (picture) to more complex optimizing for sawing periods.

Timber Vision sawing simulation software logs or timber class is converted to sawing patterns given by users and output values of a virtual sawn timber and / or the component products.

    This will forecast sawing claim by each sawing pattern:
  • Saw-dimensioittain the quantity of goods and qualities
  • The quantities of wood chips and sawdust
  • Timber values and by-products
  • Sawing costs as well as the ratio of use

This analysis reveals the financial performance of the best drafts. Sawing simulation programs has a number of different versions, in which the log geometry and quality factors describes in great detail, or a coarser level. Log geometry can be described as very simply as a regular frustum or it may be an exact number of point three-dimensional xyz coordinate system.

Sawn denomination can happen simplest way to program the user defines sawing and log size to justify the heart of the goods and the boards laatujakaumat. Very strict the quality of the description is known as the log of the individual branches and other "defects" location, laatuvyöhykkeet and shape.

The simulation is calculated for each branch location, size and quality of the timber body surface and the inside. In the same way also calculated other quality defects location sawn timber. The feature map (the location of faults) can be calculated on the basis of the timber body The quality and the optimal cut-off points.

Optimizing of saving period.

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